Christ Lutheran is committed to studying the Bible together. We at Christ Lutheran believe that its contents remain as powerful and as life changing now as ever before. The past few years we have used the Community Bible Experience to read, study, and engage the Bible and this fall we are going to continue the journey as we study the Prophets!

Over a span of 14 weeks, we invite you to read the Bible with your church family. But don’t worry, we won’t be reading the entire Bible all at once! For fall 2020 we are reading the Prophets. The prophets were people chosen by God to bring the Word of the Lord to Israel at urgent times in the life of that nation. They came from many different walks of life and lived under different conditions, but they speak with a single voice as instruments of God.

We will take this journey from Sunday, September 13 (Kick Off Sunday) until December 20. It breaks down to reading eight pages per weekday on average. Easily doable!​

‍You can purchase your copy of the Books of the Bible: The Prophets online. Both the hard copy and the e-book version are available. This year’s book is the ORANGE one titled “The Prophets.” The printable bookmark with the Reading Plan is available for download.

Each Sunday this fall, sermons in worship at all three campuses will explore some of the dynamic stories you will be reading. We will also connect the Old Testament readings with the New Testament, showing how they point to the coming of Christ. We want to encourage you to take part in a group that will be discussing the readings so that you can pray, connect, and talk about the Scripture reading with others.

2020 has been a year of changes and challenges, but God’s Word remains our strong and constant rock. I hope you will join us on this exciting adventure through God’s Word together.


Pastor Drew


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