Welcome back to Wednesday’s Together. We are so excited to reunite as a family and share a great meal together. We will have a few changes this year but rest assured the meal will be delicious as always. With the increased food costs we will begin charging $6.00 per person and a $25.00 limit per family. As usual, price includes salad, entrée, dessert and drinks.

You will need to register on Realm the Friday before each Wednesday. We will no longer set up a buffet, you will now enter the kitchen and we will serve your dinner to you. Eating is in the Fellowship Hall.

You are our special guests and we want to treat you as such! Welcome Back!!!

September 21st
Italian Night - all your favorite pasta’s and more.
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September 28th
DIY Taco Night - you create your taco we will make it!
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October 5th
“A taste of Germany fest”
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October 12th
Mike’s Kick'n Roasted Chicken
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October 19th
Meatloaf Mania
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October 26th
“A taste of Italy”
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As always a vegetarian choice, salad, and dessert  with each week.