Funeral Planning

Funeral Planning

​As Christians, we can look forward with joy and anticipation to the day when our Lord will call us home to Himself in heaven. We can know for certain heaven is ours through faith in Christ’s atonement for our sins on the cross. Thus, we are most certainly “spiritually” prepared for our death.

Unfortunately, many people are not prepared for their death in terms of the preparations that are necessary for the funeral and its arrangements. This guide will help you consider these details and provide you with a means of sharing information wit your loved ones, your pastor and the funeral director of your choice. In fact, it is good for you to give a copy of this guide, with the necessary information to your pastor, your funeral director and several family members and friends.

Planning now for your funeral is important. We make plans for many things in life. Some we are never able to do. Yet death and burial are inevitable, and thus, it is crucial that we also plan for it. Planning does not hasten the event.

Funeral pre-planning is necessary because it:

  • lets your wishes be known to all concerned
  • enables you to give expression to your faith by choosing and ordering what is to take place
  • eases the burden on your loved ones by eliminating the pressure of decision-making, particularly the need to fulfill your wishes. By putting them in writing, the possibility is gone that your loved ones, in their grief, may forget your desires.
  • will give you a certain amount of peace knowing that your affairs are in order.

Consider discussing your plans with your pastor and your funeral director. You will want not only their assurances that your plans are appropriate, but also their cooperation in respecting them at your death.

If at all possible, discuss these plans with your loved ones. Allow them to participate in the planning and express their thoughts. This brings the subject out into the open and provides loved ones an opportunity to openly share their love and sorrow, best shared now, rather than after the death occurs.

Please bear in mind that the, more complex and complete your plans become, the more tentative they must be. The events surrounding your death, or events that may occur between now and the time of your death may necessitate changes. Therefore, from time to time, every several years, the plans in this guide may need to be updated. As you consider your death, burial and life everlasting, may the Lord bless you.​