For Charlotte

September 6, 2018


SO…. What’s with this new sermon series?  Pastor Scott takes a sabbatical and the other pastors put something together with OTHER churches in Charlotte?  Wha??


Well, that’s actually somewhat factual.  Pastor Scott is on sabbatical, but before he left, he helped get us all very excited about this series - one that we are sharing with around 75 other congregations in the Charlotte area totaling around 50,000 people!  WOW!  Right?!


ForCLT or “For Charlotte” is an organization of congregations in the city that have said, let’s unite around what we are all FOR, rather than what makes us different.  Together, we are stronger, have a louder voice and can advocate for those in need as we work together rather than trying to always reinvent the wheel or duplicate efforts.

From the social media blurb: 


“A  lot  of  people  define  Christians  by  what  we’re  against,  but  what  are  we  FOR?  We’ll be answering that question in  four  big  ways  next  month.  We are FOR the good news of  the  Gospel.  We are FOR the  church.  We are FOR our neighbor.  We are FOR the  city. 


Pastors  throughout  the  area  have  agreed  to  preach  on  the  same  four  themes,  and  small  groups  will  be  discussing  those  topics  in  a  custom-made  Bible  study.  Make  plans  now  to  get  involved.  This is  perfect  for  you!”


Yeah, okay, pastor, but we’re in competition with these folks!  Why would we ever want to do the exact same series?  Well, truth be told, we’re NOT in competition with ANY other congregations.  As a matter of fact, WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM.  There are lots of ways to hear the gospel!  Currently, there aren’t nearly enough churches to hold everyone in Charlotte if they decided to go to church one Sunday morning at the same time!  What a blessing it is to have a great diversity of brothers and sisters in Christ.  Additionally, Jesus for us to be one (John 17: 20-21) and Paul reminds us that in Christ WE ARE MADE ONE BODY (1 Cor. 12: 27)!


So, this series is designed to come together FOR the GOSPEL, FOR the CHURCH, FOR the NEIGHBOR, and FOR the CITY.  Together we’ll be working from the exact same sermon materials!  It will so cool to experience WORSHIP together around the city in this way. 


This is a great time to invite a friend, neighbor, family or acquaintance to worship with you as we seek to understand how we are ForCLT!!

Pastor Matt



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