Hurricane Florence: Be the Church

September 11, 2018


I’ve had a couple of people ask me this week what the church plans to do about clean up, assistance, housing, food, water and help with the general mayhem if Hurricane Florence decides to put Charlotte in its sights.

I told them, “We plan on being the church.  That’s our plan.”


If your neighbor has a tree on his house, YOU take out your chainsaw and help take it down.  If your neighbor didn’t stock up on water, YOU share what you have.  If the electricity goes out and food is scarce, YOU invite your neighbor over for a cookout on the grill.  If your neighbor’s home is flooded, YOU open your doors to house them until they can safely return.  If they are afraid or hurt, YOU wrap them in your arms.

Get it?  That’s being the church.

Christ Lutheran is not a church building located at 4519 Providence Road.  Christ Lutheran, the church, is the 3000 members who worship here, attend classes here, serve here, and are equipped to be sent out into the world to be the church.

Now, of course, if the hurricane does major damage, we will open our doors to this building to house people unable to live in their homes.  But again, the brick and mortar will not be doing that.  The church will.  The people will.  We will.  Because we are the church.


So, keep an eye on the storm.  Do your part to be ready.  Play it safe.  And look for ways to be the church.


That’s our plan!

Praying for Clear Skies!


Pastor Scott

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