Getting It

October 16, 2018

This month I have shared with the congregation through letters, announcements and sermons about our giving to the church.  Our theme, I Am Possible, points to a God who encounters our doubts, our questions, our shortsightedness and our limited vision with the power of the One who promises that with God, all things are possible.

But I’m often left with, “Do they get it?  Or is this talk about money from the church lumped into the same category of fundraising campaigns such as The United Way, National Public Radio and their political party?”


Do they get it that giving is an act of worship stemming from a deep sense of gratitude?

Do they get it that our gifts reflect the privilege of having received so much?

Do they get it that there is a responsibility of each Christian to partner with one another for the sake of the Gospel?


Or is this just another fundraiser? 

And then, almost on cue, I receive a profound and thoughtful note from a member who writes: 


Tithing is an act of humble worship and gratitude to God.  Do I really take the time, prayer, humility, to think about the honor and privilege to return to God what I have graciously been given?  Pledging is not just writing the check, paying the bill, or the auto debit…going through the motions, but a profound and private act of worship, giving the best, the holiest, the unblemished, the firstfruits.  And, God Himself doesn’t really need these things, it’s about a relationship.


This Sunday, October 21, at all three campuses, we will be returning our Intention Cards.  Don’t think of it as a promissory note or a bill that needs to be paid or getting hit up by the church or a guilt-ridden duty.  But an act of joy and thanksgiving to return to God a small portion of what he has given to us.  It is worship.  It is holy.  It is my gift.


Get It?


Pastor Scott

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