March 12, 2019


I can hardly contain my excitement! Two more days until the two little girls we welcomed into our lives and into our home will be permanently part of our family!! We have waited so long for this day.


Since we found out the news about a week ago, I’ve been reflecting on our preparation for this day. I have thought about the time of pregnancy that we had with our biological three boys during which we had to prepare for their arrival. With the boys not only did we take that time to paint their room, wash all the baby clothes and make sure we had all the right toys, but we also prepared our hearts and minds for their arrival. As we watched my belly grow, we talked to them and named them. It was a joyous time of preparation.


We’ve had something very similar with the girls. Even though we had to get their room ready in a couple days rather than nine months and they came with clothes and toys and everything little girls need, we still spent years preparing for their arrival. We went through the discernment process to determine if God was really calling us to this. Next, we went through classes, a LOT of paperwork and then the home study. Getting ready for this awesome adventure and amazing calling by God, we were preparing our hearts and minds for a different kind of arrival.


Once we actually found our girls (Please read mine and Pastor Matt’s first three blogs to get those details), we were required to foster them for at least six months. Well it has been eight months because everything takes longer than you plan! But this time of fostering has been an amazing as well as difficult few months. It has been a time of getting to know each other, getting accustomed to each other’s ways and learning how to live together. Over the last eight months we learned how to be a family.  Now after all this time, in two more days we will be prepared to fully open up our hearts, minds and family to these two little girls that I know will change our lives forever.


As I reflect on how God has formed and shaped Pastor Matt and myself over the last few years to have a home that is ready for these girls, I see a parallel between our journey and the journey of Lent. Like the preparation for our girls, Lent can be both amazing and difficult. Lent is a time of preparation to enter into and/ or deepen our relationship with Christ that will change our lives forever. Lent is a time to reflect on the home that we have prepared for Christ in our hearts.  It is a time to open ourselves to be molded by God. It’s a time to prepare our minds to be ready to accept the ministry that God is calling us to perform in His name.


What is God preparing you for? How can you make Lent a time of preparation for it?



Lord of all, during our Lenten journey and through our Lenten disciplines mold us and shape us to be more like you. Prepare our hearts and minds for where you are calling us next. Use us to be your instruments of peace, mercy and grace in the world. In Jesus’ holy name we pray. AMEN.

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