Mind if I brag?

March 26, 2019


If you’ll indulge me, I’m going to brag a little. Great things are happening, and I want to share.  I want to brag on what God is doing through Christ Lutheran at Christ Concord.  It’s exciting, and I thought you might like to hear some good news.


A little over a year ago, I started working at our Concord campus—a church that has a 36-year history, and has struggled with ups, downs, and recently…survival.  In September, 2017, the congregation merged into Christ Lutheran as our 3rd campus. As I got to know the faithful, committed people of the congregation, I realized that God had great things in store for this newest community of Christ Lutheran. The last year has been a wild ride, a lot of fun, and a lot of work (on the part of many!).


Here are some highlights of what we’ve been doing:


  • We’re approaching 500 views of last Sunday’s worship service on Facebook!

  • Received 5 new members last Sunday!

  • Had another baptism last week!  During our Wednesday morning Bible Study, we had the privilege of being part of the baptism of a 79-year-old gentleman. Cool, huh?

  • Getting ready for our second annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 20, 2-4pm

  • Preparing for our first VBS at Concord (June 16-20, 6-8pm, dinner at 5pm)

  • Guests who visit the Christ Concord campus say how wonderful the community is and how welcome they feel in our intimate setting!

  • The people of Christ Concord take care of each other

    • When one of our members had surgery recently, some of our members went to the hospital to sit with the family—whom they had never met!

    • At my first funeral at Christ Concord, I witnessed the blessing of community as we came together for the family of our deceased member. We sang. We hugged.  We celebrated the gift of the resurrection. We shared stories. We laughed. We ate a wonderful meal together. And it was a joy to see so many people who had past connections with Christ Concord reconnect.

  • I was at a breakfast gathering in Concord recently. The person sitting beside me lives down the street from the church. It was great to hear him say that he has noticed the increased activity at the church and is glad to see it. 

  • Campus is looking better and better. Many hands from all Christ Lutheran campuses have helped on our work days to clean up the campus and improve the landscaping. We have made great strides, and our neighbors are noticing.

  • People are sharing their stories of faith

    • We’re learning how to develop spiritual friendships and have faith conversations, in our Wednesdays Together class

    • We’re all excited about what is going on, no longer focused on survival, but thriving, and are talking with our friends and family about God, faith, and all that is happening in the community

  • We have a dedicated staff of wonderfully capable people at Christ Concord:

    • Sara Breeggemann, Family Ministry Coordinator at Christ Concord

    • Bill Porter, Director of Youth and Music Ministries

    • Rich Hartman, Property Manager


If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit our campus at Concord, please consider joining us Wednesday morning for Bible study, or Wednesday night for dinner and classes, or for Sunday morning worship. You could also watch our worship service on Facebook to see what our church is doing in Concord.


Feeling blessed by the community,

Pastor Tenny

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