I Am Groot


That’s all he says.  “I am Groot.”


No matter what the conversation is, no matter what the question is, no matter what the emotional climate is…all he says is, “I am Groot.”


Of course, if you’re familiar with the “Avengers” movies, you’ll know that the voice of the tree-like character is that of Vin Diesel, who only says “I am Groot,” but says it in a variety of ways to communicate with the other Avengers.  It’s amazing how something so simple can be so funny, so sad, or so thoughtful, simply by the way he says, “I…am…Groot.”


(Abrupt segue here.  Stay with me…)


I tried doing “Centering Prayer” for a while.  (Centering Prayer is a method of silent prayer that prepares us to receive the gift of contemplative prayer, prayer in which we experience God's presence within us, closer than breathing, closer than thinking, closer than consciousness itself. This method of prayer is both a relationship with God and a discipline to foster that relationship.)  I tried it for a while, until I realized that I was much better at “Scattering Prayer” than I was at “Centering Prayer.” 


But the thing that sticks with me about “Centering Prayer” is that there is one centering word or phrase that always brings us back to the center—to God.  A word or phrase that helps clear our minds of the endless barrage of random thoughts that strive to distract us and pull us away from God.  The centering word or phrase can be repeated, over and over, as needed, to help clear away the useless clutter that screams for our mental attention while we’re trying to focus our minds on God.


So, every time I hear Groot say, “I am Groot,” it makes me think of “Centering Prayer.”  And I think of God.  And I chuckle to myself.  I bet Vin Diesel never knew that those 3 words, repeated over and over, throughout the “Avengers” movies, would make me think about God!


“I am Groot.  I am Groot.”


3 words that remind me of the One who said…

“…I am who I am.” (Exodus 3:14)


3 words that remind me of our Savior who said…

“I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”  (John 6:35)


How about you?


What reminds you about God? 


What helps you eliminate the distractions that try to pull you away from God?


Is there a word or a phrase that helps put perspective back in your life?


Is there a routine that helps open the channel for communication with God?


Is there something you hear that always makes you think of God?



Working through the clutter, I am…


Pastor Tenny

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