Why Lutherans [should] Love NASCAR

September 24, 2019


Whether you’re already a diehard NASCAR fan who never misses a race or you can’t understand why anyone would want to watch cars drive in circles for hours, here are the top 5 reasons why Lutherans should love NASCAR…at least for a day…and you don’t want to miss registering for our upcoming church event “Race to the Finish for Bihar” at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on October 20!


5) NASCAR, which stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is interwoven into the fabric and history of the area where we live, the North Carolina piedmont. When you come to this event, you will catch a glimpse of an international sport that has its roots right here in our own backyard.


4) NASCAR, you’ve maybe heard it said, isn’t a real sport. How hard can it be to drive a car in a big loop? But when you consider that a NASCAR car’s average speed is 180 mph, it changes the conversation. At 200 mph NASCAR drivers travel 293 feet in one second. That’s almost the length of a football field! Want to experience that? You’ll be able to in a Pace Car.


3) NASCAR will be the backdrop of this event, but a main focus will be gathering as a church community. We are coming together to meet new people and reconnect with friends. This year we’re even offering childcare for potty-trained through elementary aged children at our Providence campus so you parents with kids can join in the fun!


2) NASCAR races all have the same goal: the finish line. Come to this event to help our church cross the finish line for Project Bihar. Four years ago, we set a bold goal to raise $100,000 for Bihar, India, one of the poorest regions of the world. Since then, we have raised $70,000 which has helped mostly women farmers grow more nutritious and profitable crops and at this event we’ll share more about the impact of this godly work. Thanks to all who have helped us show Christ’s love to the people of Bihar. Help us reach the finish!


1) NASCAR drivers go fast. So will the spaces for this event, “Race to the Finish for Bihar.” We have worked to make this a very fun and affordable event. The $25 per adult registration fee covers your meal prepared by Speedway chefs and you’ll have the chance to drive a NASCAR simulator and more! Your $25 goes entirely to Project Bihar.


These are a few of the reasons why Lutherans should love NASCAR…at least for a day…Sunday, October 20th from 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Register on Realm today by clicking HERE.


See you at the Speedway!


Pastor Drew

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