A Simple Thanks

November 26, 2019


In Luke 17, ten people suffering from leprosy come up to Jesus, crying and asking for healing. Instead of an instantaneous healing, Jesus tells them to go present themselves to the priest, who is the only one who can declare them to be healed or “clean.”  However, on the way, all ten of them are healed. All ten!  What was that conversation like?


“Look what’s happening to my skin!”


“I’m healed! It’s a miracle.”


“The priest will be overwhelmed.”


“I’m going home to tell the family.”


“I’ve never seen anything like this.”


“I’ve got to return and thank Jesus!”


All ten cry out to Jesus. All ten are healed. All ten have their lives changed. Only one decides to return to Jesus, look him in the eyes, extend a healed hand and say a simple, “Thank you.” Where are the other nine?


During this Thanksgiving Week, there are a lot of blessings that will be counted.


“My work has been very successful this year.”


“The children are all doing fine.”


“We went on an incredible vacation.”


“We have wonderful family and friends.”


“I’m feeling good. I have wonderful doctors.”


“Before this meal, let’s return and thank Jesus.”


All ten people will celebrate Thanksgiving this week. All ten will have plenty to eat. All ten will be surrounded by loved ones. How many will decide to return to Jesus, look him in the eyes, extend a healed and blessed life and say a simple, “Thank you?”


Most don’t. For whatever reason, most don’t. Either because they are too busy or don’t think Jesus has anything to do with it or enjoy wallowing in their misery or don’t know how to feel gratitude, but most don’t. I’m not sure why. Oh, they may thank their good fortune or their hard work or their children’s achievements or the great weather or the wonderful food. But Jesus?


As we gather again with those we love, surrounded by the bounty of God’s blessings, we return to thank Jesus, the giver of all good things. To look him in the eyes, extend a grateful heart and say a simple, “Thank you.  I am blessed. . .because of you.”


Happy Thanksgiving

Pastor Scott

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