Come and See

December 3, 2019


It usually starts with a question. “Have you ever considered…” and fill in the blank with the situation of the moment. For me, this recent question was posed: “Would you consider going to Concord?”  Who, me?  


Yet, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, I left my church home and family of six years at Christ Providence and began setting new roots at Christ Concord. There have been moments where I felt something akin to what Mary must’ve felt… who, me? To be sure, my situation is VASTLY different from hers; after all, I’m not going to be the Mother of the Messiah, the Savior of the world, the Light that will come to dispel darkness from every corner!  But I share her sense of wonderment at being chosen for such a divine proposition. After all, I’m just an ordinary person with an ordinary life presented with the opportunity to be part of an extraordinary mission – serving the Lord in a new place, singing a new song, surrounded by a new team. Although I’m not Jesus' birth parent, I do have the extreme privilege of carrying His Gospel and leading others into an environment and attitude of worship where hearts and minds can be focused, attentive, and receptive to what God’s Word has for each of us. Talk about humbling!  


The family of faith at Christ Concord is warm, welcoming, loving, accepting, and open to what God has in store for us. And I say “us” because we are all part of one church … not just Christ Lutheran, but THE Church. Allow me to extend an invitation to you, just as the angels did to the shepherds on the hills outside Bethlehem, to “go now … and see this thing which has come to pass.” Come, be greeted and hugged and welcomed warmly. Come, share in the excitement of congregational worship that’s a little different from what you’ve come to expect elsewhere, yet still familiar. Come, see how God can use your gifts and talents in His service as we grow His kingdom on earth. Come and see what God has done and is continuing to do as we worship and serve Him together.   


I’m finding that God is providing opportunities for me to build new skill sets, exercise old ones, make new friends, and develop different routines and habits. It’s pretty amazing to see how He can orchestrate the mundane into something marvelous.  


Have you ever considered stepping outside your comfort zone? 


Have you ever considered “leaving home base” – even for a Sunday – to see what Christ Lutheran looks like on another campus – Christ South, Christ Concord, or Christ Providence?  


Have you ever considered what God might be calling you to do for Him as we prepare to turn the page into a new calendar year?   


Who, me? Yes, you!  

At this season of Advent, the expectation is REAL! Come and see! And maybe, like I am, you’ll be glad you did. 


Karen Costea

Music Associate/Campus Administrator

Christ Concord

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