Should I or Shouldn’t I?

December 10, 2019




Unfortunately, tragedies happen. 


This past week, it was a 6th grade student at McClintock Middle School that was hit and killed by a car in front of the school. Many lives are forever changed and the entire school community grieves. Conversation with some of the teachers and administration show once again that the larger community cares. The outpouring of love, support, and care that has been shown have helped them through the last several days. Teachers from another school sent coffee; neighborhood folks have brought treats to share; The PTO provided lunch; CMS has done a great job of supporting counselors and administration, volunteers have provided tissues, disinfectant wipes and other supplies. I have received texts and emails from members and volunteers offering help and support; mostly acknowledging the pain and tragedy of it all. 


Every single act of kindness has been heart felt and helpful. When tragedy strikes, and you feel led/inspired to do something….let the Holy Spirit reign in your heart and guide your response. It makes a difference. It is how God works in the midst of tragedy.


As a church, we are able to host a memorial service. Next Saturday, December 21, the family and friends will gather in our Fellowship Hall and Christ Chapel in order to hold a service in celebration of a life cut short by tragedy. The young boy’s uncle is a pastor in Ohio. He will be here to lead the service and help this family (his sister) grieve. They simply need a space. As it draws closer, if there is a reception, etc. there may be the opportunity to help McPIE host. I will keep you informed. 


Just remember, when the Holy Spirit speaks….we should ALL LISTEN!  And act to be the feet, hands and heart of Christ.


Peace, Amy

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