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Family Youth Ministry

Geared toward grades 4 and up, our Family Youth Ministry is dedicated to growing faith connections in our young people. Our 4th and 5th graders connect on Sundays through Google Classroom and have guided discussions during worship that encourage them to see life through a faith lens. The middle schoolers meet through our “Affirm Life” group that bridges those awkward years between elementary and high school to build a firm foundation to meet the challenges of growing up. The Christ South high school ministry kicks it up a notch with caffeine and conversation where we come together in a coffee shop atmosphere to talk about life, faith and how those things come together.

Blast Kids Ministry

Geared toward our younger children through 3rd grade, our Blast program that takes our sermon topics and uses fun activities to relate them to our younger children. Games, science projects, art projects and community service projects make faith real for our kids. Blast takes place during the sermon each week and is perfect for kids who have trouble sitting still during church. We get the wiggles out and put the joy inside.


A big, small group for dudes. The men of Christ South began this group on the belief that life gets in the way of forming strong friendships in our community. A come-as-you-are group that welcomes men from both inside and outside our church. Southman hosts two men’s weekends a year that involve outdoor activities, bourbon and root beer tastings, devotions and social time in order to bring men together as brothers.

South Sisters

“I got you!” Women doing life together, sharing joys, sorrows and lifting each other up in good times and bad. The faith journey isn’t meant to be walked alone and this group is meant to be a support system for the women of Christ South. If you would like more information on how you can be part of the South Sisters, get in touch.


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