BREAKING NEWS: Christ South is moving!

The HISTORY: “Think proactive, not reactive.” That was on our lips as we gathered together the Discernment and Operational Leadership Teams from Christ South back in March. THINK PROactive. Here’s what we talked about: 1 - CMS won’t allow us back into Polo Ridge Elementary any time soon (we now know it’ll be at least the fall or longer before we could use Polo Ridge Elementary School again). 2 - Our web gathering for Sunday worship has increased our reach and engagement at South 1000% - seriously. CRAZY. We even have someone regularly worshiping from Uganda and calls this her new church home! We’re doing something right! 3 - We shouldn’t make more than one move (as in, go meet in a warehouse somewhere, meet in the Pit at Providence, etc. THEN go back to the school). People will get whiplash and we’ll hurt the community. 4 - We DO have land and should really think about how we can use this gift. The congregation as a whole is ready, excited and willing to make a move to the land. So we talked through options like meeting in the current houses and buildings on the land and even getting a big tent, but none offered the potential for growth, comfort and/or creativity. At that point, we made a decision to do the following, and last night at CLC church council, our proposal to begin the process to make this dream come to life was UNANIMOUSLY approved! THE PLAN: Make necessary moves to move to our new land (Old Dairy Farm property) building a structure that will be less expensive than the full master plan, but will last and easily be part of the master plan given the suggested placement. Building this structure will cost less than a suburban home, but will be equipped with space, comfort, lighting, sound and tech for our worship experience to continue and grow and will also allow us to interact with the surrounding community by hosting events, gatherings, etc... It will feature a patio area overlooking the beautiful green expanse of the land. It will serve as a great place for all campus gatherings and can easily be a place that can be part of our sustainability streams in the future, if we so decide. The steel, insulated HVAC equipped structure will allow for growth, won’t negatively affect the wonderful ministry of Thrive Day School, is budget friendly, builds momentum, allows us to all be in one space, can be usable for worship until the Big Barn worship space is available, gives us creative options for setup and use, plans for the future of Christ South, and fits well into our master plan ideas. Physically, it will sit on a concrete slab and connect to House #2 via a portico so that House #2 (315 Reid Dairy Rd) space can be used for kids’ ministries. The large glass garage doors will be able to open up onto the patio with fire pits and Adirondack chairs overlooking the beautiful lawn. Additionally, it fits perfectly into the early proposal for our master plan as a beacon to the community of both ministry for and with the surrounding community - meeting people beyond Sunday mornings. We are including some pictures* here so you can see what the look and feel will be. *While this isn’t our exact building or layout, this should give you an idea of how it will all fit together. FAQ: How can I hear more? Pastor Scott and I will be sharing several Town Halls (virtually) to share more about the concept and answer questions. Stay tuned! Can I donate to the project now? YES! You can. However, we ask that your gift go beyond your current tithe. How much will the project cost? As we get closer and closer to being able to narrow down expenses, we hope to be able to finish the project between $450-500k. When will we be able to worship there? As soon as it is safe to gather and the building gains occupancy via the permitting process. We’re hoping mid to late fall. How can I help? Right now, prayer is great, and we’ll also need a readiness when we have an all call for volunteers to help with various pieces. What will Christ South do in the meantime? Well, we’ve been finding great success in our online ministry so we’ll continue to do that well. However, once it’s safe to gather, we will likely have several events out on the land to get us all back together again. We’ve got some fun ideas coming your way soon! LASTLY: Thank you for trusting Christ South to carry the Gospel thus far for our community in South Charlotte and all communities. We are honored and humbled to be able to even be thinking proactively and be unafraid. We were prepared as a generous congregation with a strong online experience and incredible volunteers to make this come to life. The Lord commands us to be unafraid and to follow Jesus even in the midst of the winds and the waves. We are ready to follow, and when the winds and waves of this pandemic subside, we will be ready to fulfill The Lord’s Great Commandment and Great Commission in new and amazing ways that will benefit all.