Everything has changed!!

Everything has changed! And no one has felt this more than our children. They are going from seeing and playing with their friends every day to being isolated and only seeing a few friends. They are learning in whole new ways with Zoom meetings, online videos and self- guided assignments. Now, it’s almost summer. If you are like me as a parent, I’m wondering what I’m going to do with my kids the rest of the summer!?!? Most of the camps have been canceled, and we’re still self-isolating?!? What can we do?? Vacation Bible School is one of my favorite times during the summer. The songs, the energy and Bible stories – there is nothing better. Plus, VBS is like faith boot camp for our children. During the summer, this week just makes our kids’ faith blossom. We normally have almost 200 people involved in VBS at Providence and 75 at South. But, that’s far too many people than can meet safely now. And the safety of our children is our most important priority. So, what can we do to give our kids something to do and help them grow in their faith at the same time? VIRTUAL VBS! My first thought is, “I don’t want my kids in front of another screen for a whole day.” This is true, but virtual VBS is so much more!! There will be a YouTube broadcast from 9:30-10:30 every day with Bible story time, songs, silly characters and so much more. Then, after the broadcast we have crafts and activities to do. We also have fun additions like Zoom Bingo, Zoom dance party and a Zoom camp out where your child will get to interact with the characters live. VBS is June 22-26 for all campuses. Providence, South and Concord are coming together for an amazing week! The YouTube broadcast will be from 9:30-10:30am every day, but it’ll be available anytime after that. The week before VBS we’ll have kits for each family with crafts and activities in it for the kids to do after the broadcast. We have also included additional activities throughout the week. We are planning an awesome week!! Registration is open until June 7 (Click here). Come join Engineer Eddie and Conductor Carla to ride the Rocky Railway for a great week!!