Good Wind

“There isn’t an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good.” You might remember me sharing this statement that Mom would always say when faced with adversity. Well, Mom, the wind is blowing, and a lot of good is being blown around. During this pandemic and the economic times in which we are living, let me share some good wind that is blowing, despite the “ill winds.” One member of the church called to ask how he could donate, specifically for people who are hungry right now. He feels that God has blessed him and knows that there are many people who are struggling. After discussing some options, we settled on a way that he could help. Thanks be to God! Another family has been very busy sewing masks and giving them away. We keep a box just outside the Concord campus’ main entrance, filled with masks, for folks who need them. This family has made over 1,000 masks so far! I know that several people, including my wife, Sherry, and the quilters group have also been sewing and giving away masks. Thank you, all! Last week, a church member called me to say that they also felt very blessed to have continued strong revenue in their business, despite the “ill winds” blowing from the pandemic. Knowing that many people were struggling to feed their families, they asked for shopping lists from 11 families of things they needed and wanted. After receiving the lists, they organized the shopping lists, enlisted the help of children and grandchildren, and set out to find the items on everyone’s list. After shopping, they regrouped, organized the items for each family, and delivered them—all in one day! What a blessing! Out of necessity we are developing new and creative ways to share worship, to keep small groups connected, to offer Bible studies and keep Christian education classes going. Despite the “ill wind” from the pandemic (or maybe, because of it), our online participation in worship, small groups, and classes, has exploded—up to 5, 7, even 10 times the participation we had prior to the stay-at-home orders! Thanks to video and tele-conferencing capabilities, we have people from all over the world joining us—a trend that will likely continue, even after we are allowed to physically gather together again. God creates all things new! We have placed blue collection bins outside campuses for folks to drop off non-perishable food for those in need. Every week, food fills the bins! Noah’s Helpers (a group organized by Pastor Drew to stay in touch with our members and help with any needs that arise) is having a positive impact on many of our members. I hear about the positive telephone conversations and kind notes regularly from our members. Thank you for your positive impact! We organized the congregation at Concord into small groups of 5-6 families, and asked them to stay in touch with each other, help each other in whatever way they can, and get to know one another better—even if only over the phone. I’m thrilled at how many people have told me about the conversations they’re having, the relationships that are developing, and the ways they are staying connected! Blow, Spirit, blow! There is so much good that God is doing—right now—even while the world is struggling. That’s just what God does…all the time. God takes the struggles and, through the breath of the Holy Spirit, blows not just SOME good, but LOTS of good. The good that is happening is far more extensive than I have listed in this brief blog. Please know that your efforts of offering Christ-like service to others is evidence of our God deploying the Church into the world. May the Holy Spirit continue to blow wildly and may history look with amazement at this time and see the incredible amount of good that God has done. God bless you, all! Pastor Tenny And with that he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” (John 20:22)