Response in a Crisis

Individually and collectively, we want to be a non-anxious and helpful presence in any crisis. I am always encouraged because the good (and God) in people always rises to the challenge. Here are ways you can safely help as well as what McPIE, McClintock and CLC are doing: Help: 1 ) If you are out shopping for your personal needs, you could add some non-perishable groceries to your order. If you deliver them to the bins located outside the Outreach Office, we will use that food to provide to families who have limited mobility and/or income at this time. Or you can make a donation to the Pastor’s Discretionary Account (marked for COVID19) and that money would be available to help our members and staff who are facing decreased hours or unemployment and support McClintock families as crisis needs arise. At this time the church is committed to paying all hourly staff their normal wages (through March at this point) so we also appreciate everyone continuing their gifts to Christ Lutheran’s general fund. 2) Adopt a family: volunteer to deliver meals or groceries to the front porch of a family that cannot get to McClintock to get the “Grab ‘n’ Go” meals. You will become a point of contact with that more isolated family (by text or phone) and will know of other needs for which we may be able to provide resources or information. Email to become a volunteer. 3) Join Noah’s Helpers (description below in #4) by contacting pastoral assistant Kim Walder at and help our shut in or isolated seniors. The Good News 1) Mr. Gorman (McClintock’s Innovation Lab Coordinator) is working to have 3D printers from McClintock join Charlotte Latin in printing face shields for Atrium Health. 2) McClintock teachers are working from home, posting work online and connecting with their students and classes. In addition, hourly staff each have a “caseload” and are working from home by reaching out to students and families to encourage, share resources, and assess and identify needs. This keeps their paychecks coming, keeps them all safe, and provides critical links to more vulnerable families. Our McPIE staff and some volunteers and club leaders are contacting our Family Night families. McClintock is a “Grab ‘n’ Go” meal site. A CMS family can drive through in front of the school and receive lunch and breakfast for the next day for everyone birth – age 18. A small number of managers and cafeteria workers are working at school to make and hand out meals. Our “adopted families” can get meals or groceries delivered on a case by case basis as we connect volunteers to needs. 3) McPIE To Go – In order to maintain contact and a sense of community, we will be sending home an activity or game each Tuesday with the “Grab ‘n’ Go” meals. Our first weekly challenge will start tomorrow and continue weekly as long as we are interacting remotely. This week, students will be supplied a roll of duct tape and asked to research and create a 3D object that serves a purpose. We hope they will post them @mcclintock_partners on Instagram. This Duct Tape Challenge will continue through March 31. A new challenge or game will be sent home each week. 4) Noah's Helpers - Church staff and volunteers are working to contact members directly, especially those over 75. We are mobilizing volunteers to help with groceries, prescriptions, etc. Class and small group leaders are considering the best ways to stay connected with their groups. I personally believe that God will always be with us to encourage and inspire ways for all needs to be met. If we pay attention, we each get the opportunity to be the church and share good news in addition to the Good News. Please stay safe, making the choices and sacrifices necessary to contain this virus for the greater good. Also seek to help in the most appropriate ways as we navigate these uncharted waters. All of us can pray for students, families, teachers, staff, and volunteers. Peace, Amy